Fragmented Fiction – Fiction Vignettes

For a long time I struggled with the idea of short stories. Length and such threw me off, I always thought they had to be much shorter than they actually are. There’s some sort of block in my brain when it comes to trying to find the beginning, middle and end for a short story. I feel limited. That and what I was writing didn’t have a clear beginning, middle and end. They were more like scenes plucked from a story or movie. Intense bursts of emotion and action.

I started doing some research and I found what I actually enjoy writing are vignettes. Extracts and moments in time from something that could potentially be a much larger work, should one choose to expand on it.

Once I understood that this is the short fiction I enjoy writing, when not working on novels, I decided I’d throw them up on a blog. For people to read, to enjoy, to critique. Then for me, mostly to have fun.

So welcome to Fragmented Fiction – Fiction Vignettes.

There’s no set time when I’ll be releasing these. I could promise one a month, one a week, or a few a year but honestly with this type of fiction, they are generally written when the creative iron is white hot.

There will be a wide variety in terms of genre. Creepy, monstrous beings that leave you uneasy, mushy romance where a hero saves the day, gods and goddesses taking control of worlds. From swashbuckling adventure to the serial killer thrillers, there’s not really many genres I won’t try my hand at if the moment takes.

I will however endeavour to place a warning at the top of each piece, and tag them appropriately so everyone is aware of the genre and any potential triggering content.

I hope you enjoy,

Laura Kendrick

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