Flash Fiction; Bad Hero

One, two, three punches to the stomach and slam straight into a brick wall that crumbled behind Mysteroso’s head. At last she had him, pinned against the wall life slowly being choked from him. Slender fingers turning white with the pressure as they crushed windpipe, nerves and muscle together.

”Wait! Stop! If you kill him, you’ll be just like him.”

”Dammit, Steve, not this shit again!” Fury groaned loudly. At the height of her rage there was always this asshole telling her to stop. Being some sort of moral fucking compass even though no one had asked for it. Not this time. ”Why the fuck are you never there when you’re actually needed?” She snapped, hand still wrapped around Mysteroso’s throat as she turned to look at Steve.

”Bombs about to go off, you’re on the other side of the world, when I actually get the guy who did it, suddenly you appear like the most annoying Jiminy mother fucking cricket.”

”Fury I thin-” Steve started to speak, Fury slammed Mysteroso into the wall again in her temper.

”No, you know what. This guy has hurt people, he’s a freaking danger to society and because I didn’t kill him the last time you came out with this moral bullshit. 2000 people are dead. Kids, women, grandparents. All obliterated, and he’ll do it again. Are you actually thinking of the greater good? Because that seems like bullshit to me considering that it’s fine that a bunch of his henchmen were killed and the civilians during this battle-. So you know what Steve fuck you and your Jiminy fucking cricket complex.”

As the last words left her lips, blood erupted as Mysteroso’s head disappeared into the air. Popping off like a champagne cork with the pressure.

”Oh for fucks sake!” Fury cried as blood rained down around them. ”I don’t even get to watch myself choke the life right out of him.” Fury shoved past him, leaving Mysteroso’s headless body bleeding on the floor.

5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction; Bad Hero

  1. Not sure if my original comment went through since my WP crashed, so I’m rewriting it here:

    I love this! The storytelling is impactful, concise, and with a great character dynamic between Fury and Steve. I resonate with Fury here, hahaha! Steve does seem annoying—why pop in at the wrong moments?? Ugh, I would hate that too.

    I love how vivid this is and how the hook just catches you in immediately into the story. I really enjoyed reading this for the action, humor, and impact. I look forward to reading more from you!

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